Tattoos, 8ga needles & play-piercing

A little 3.2mm blade fun.


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Texas Underground Tour 2013

Some snapshots from the Texas Underground Tour 2013 that Cécile captured while our dear Mother Fakir & Chantal Morte were performing in Dijon. A tribute to our favourite human bottle opener, pincushion & weight lifter altogther!



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Ultrablack (corset)

black corset

Corset shades, heartful moments, needle complicity, sexy bichromy.

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Aseptic pr0n

Some aseptic pr0n for bodymodification hardware geeks out there. A STATIM G4 autoclave unit with its famous sealed cassette design. About to run a cycle, prepping for a freehand piercing procedure, with bent needle, jewelry (yet to be disassembled before processing) and soon to be sterile drape. Bring up the heat!

STATIM G4 unit & freehand piercing setup

Not your average coffee machine. It primarily feeds the STATIM autoclave with distilled water. I quite like the taste too, but my body doesn’t seem able to sterilize medical equipment by itself, unfortunately!


More aseptic pr0n: sterile packaging, bodymod tools, post autoclave, with a mirror finish ;)

Sterile pouches

Happy hooks for all

[fr] Avis aux intéressé·e·s pour initiation au play-piercing, pulling & suspension à la mi-septembre (12-13-14), pendant le tattoo circus, en petits comités. Ça vous interpelle mais vous n’avez jamais osé ? Vous tenteriez bien dans un cadre sympa mais sans 200 personnes autour pour regarder ? Vous avez adoré, et souhaitez recommencer ? Quoi qu’il en soit, prenez contact !

[en] Here’s a call to volunteers for an initiation to play-piercing, pulling & suspension. That would be mid-September (12th-13th-14th), in parallel to the tattoo circus, in small groups. So, if you ever wondered about these things but never dared to try, whether you’d like to start slow without 200 people around or you liked it a lot in the past and still wanna fly… get in touch!

happy hooks

RIP Shannon…

RIP - Shannon Larratt

Shannon Larratt, 1973 – 2013

Mourning time for us in the bodymodification community, before keeping up with the BME legacy that inspired so many and contributed to changing the world in pushing bounderies, challenging the norm and fighting – by existing.

Thank you Shannon, for that and for the rest.

Note: his last words can and should be read, here (backup copy here).

2pt knee suspension story

(for the rest of the pictures, see this post)


The idea of piercing my skin any place around them disturbs me — some instinctive fear of being damaged, of not being able to walk properly. The perspective of hanging from the delicate things sends shivers down my spine, and I always wipe the thought away immediately.

All the more reason to try and do it, actually, for suspending is all about that for me: bending mental barriers — confronting inner fears —, reconnecting with the body — harshly yet playfully —, exploring new areas of sensitivity — bridging pleasure and pain —, as well as shooting up endorphins, really — because unlike any other drug, it comes trouble free, in almost unlimited quantity.

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Vidéos : « extreme bodymod »

Du milieu des années 90 jusqu’au milieu des années 2000, le monde de la « body modification » est en effervescence. Alors que se popularisent progressivement tatouages et piercings, les passionné·e·s formant cette communauté n’ont de cesse d’innover et d’explorer des aspects moins consensuels de la modification corporelle — scarifications, implants, suspensions entre autres choses — mais aussi de repousser les limites autorisées par la morale ambiante pour affirmer de manière radicale la propriété de soi.

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